Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Crimes of Passion at the RWA

Took some time out at the weekend from preparing the house for the arrival of the small monster I am growing to visit the Crimes of Passion street art exhibition at the Royal West of England Academy of Art (RWA).

The curators have done an incredible job of making it appear as though the RWA's very grand marbled building has been invaded and covered in all kinds of crazy.

b movie in the sun by *FilthyLuker on deviantART

"blown up and octopied all at once" - the inflatables currnetly squatting at the RWA.

I loved it. Perhaps because I’m such a rule-abiding freak (see below) I found the sight of graffiti on precious marble slabs/bursting out from the wall all over the period features insanely pleasurable.

The video below is off of YouTube and I believe is from opening night. It takes until about 1.02 to really see the stuff that makes the most of using the gallery walls as a canvas. Although it’s street art, so actually it’s just using the gallery walls as walls. It's subversive stuff so it is.

At 2.31 there’s a brief glimpse of my favourite, The Bristol Montage by Acerone which can better be seen on his blog here. Somewhere in there are three canvases that seem to have been completely obscured by the paint. Just ace.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

That is incredible! SOme of it is so lovely, some of it is so ballsy. Love it. The small monster can certainly wait its turn. Although it is getting closer, isn't it?

Karen's Mouth said...

It was exactly that mix Barb. Great. And yes, bloody hell it just gets closer every day! There's no stopping it. It's huge. 17 weeks to go!

Allison said...

Wow. This exhibit looks brill! Must do some more research into it, thanks for posting about it. :)

So a September birthday? Exciting times, exciting times!

Karen's Mouth said...

Should be an August birthday, may *just* scrape into September! These certainly are exciting times! The first 20 weeks took forever, felt like I'd been pregnant for ages, but time is just flying by now :)