Wednesday, 11 March 2009

F*ck you I won't do what you tell me

Except I probably will because I am pathologically afraid of "getting into trouble", whatever that may mean at any given time.

So if the following, purely hypothetical, situation were to happen to me I'd be absolutely beside myself. But it wasn’t me it was a friend. And of course it was hypothetical so it didn’t even really happen to her*

This friend woke up at 3am one morning last week, heart racing at the sudden realisation that HER TAX DISC HAD EXPIRED. According to her report, she initially wanted to violently shake her husband awake and scream "I don't have a valid tax disc" in his face, such was her gut churning panic.

She resisted. At 5am the sound of a car engine woke her. She vaulted out of bed and ripped the curtains open expecting to find the DVLA laughing manically as they clamped her little car. It wasn't them. Back to sleep until proper morning, to dream of various scenarios involving bankruptcy and/or jail.

She made it through toast and coffee without bursting into tears, and went and sorted herself out with a nice new tax disc.

Honestly if this highly unlikely situation were to happen to me I’d think myself a complete tool.

*just so as you know, nice representative of any relevant authority that happens to be reading


Allison said...

What's a Tax Disc?

Karen's Mouth said...

Oh yeah. Forgot about you foreigners. Have linked appropriately now - apologies! Please notice the bit where it says "If you don't tax your vehicle...your vehicle could be clamped, impounded or even crushed"

Forgetting to get a tax disc is a really really really stupid thing to do. And an offence. As I told my friend. Silly girl.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

For some reason, the ones for our vehicles expire on New Year's Eve, causing great panic around the Christmas week closings.

I am so glad that things eventually got hypothetically straightened out for your friend who likely is not even pregnant.

Karen's Mouth said...

Thanks Barb. I'll tell her. Um, she's probably not pregnant is she, that would be unlikely. But if she was, that would be an EXCELLENT excuse for having forgotten.

womaninblack said...

I discovered, while taking the advice from a BBC3 programme about saving money, that my car insurance had expired nine months earlier. Ironically, while trying to save money, I found myself forking out hundreds of pounds for new car insurance.That was a really great day.