Monday, 15 December 2008

Beautiful brain #1

I always appreciate a good artistic rendering of a nice brain.

This one is off the album cover of Canadian producer/engineer/performer Dean Marino's (aka EX~PO) newest release "Central Meaner Street" recently reviewed by Barb (ex-science type sensibly converted to freelance writer) here

The thing is, brains are intrinsically beautiful. Complex and intricate with curves and crinkly bits and layers and shapes within shapes within shapes that fit perfectly snugly together to produce a sculpture that is really something to behold.

Problem: They're made out of really gross vomit-pink slimy custard-like stuff.

So anyone who makes one out of something altogether more appealing gets my vote. In this case the brain is a small village with lines of houses to represent the creases in the cortex, and even rows of what look like vegetables to represent the ridges of the cerebellum (the cauliflower looking thing at the back) - what's not to like?

Apparently the album is also good.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Brains are intrinsically lovely, you are absolutely right. You are also correct that they really need to work on the texture issue, though.

I loved the imaginative brain drawing that Dean has on his album cover as well. And since a lot of us really do live inside our brains, I think it is a rather fitting portrayal of life.

You are the first to call my move from science to writing, sensible!

Karen's Mouth said...

Ya - it's v clever. Perhaps one of my favourites. Although I did once see one made of popcorn for a film review. First time I've wanted to eat a brain.

Valerie said...

I've had a lot of Jell-O (I think Brits would say jelly) brains for parties over the years, in my brain-shaped Jell-O mold. One year I made a kind of opaque purplish-grey brain (grape-flavor with condensed milk) and filled it with gummi worms. That was pretty impressive when cut. Last year I made a tomato aspic in the mold. It was delicious, but no one would eat it.

In grad school I had to get really good at drawing a crude brain in order to show undergrads where the visual centers were located. It got so overrefined that it started to look like a loaf of bread.

That's a great image..

Karen's Mouth said...

Ha! I'd have eaten your wormy-jelly brain Valerie!

I too have a brain doodle, but it's a rough and ready one to draw v quickly and sometimes it just looks like pacman with a tail.