Friday, 17 October 2008

Having a wonder-filled week (© Robert Krampf)

Last week* I went to a party hosted by the lovely people at New Scientist and The Wellcome Trust. I remember some kind of lychee champagne cocktail, lots of tiny puddings, lots of free wine. 

And some stellar networking with some fabulous science types. Of course.

The morning after I was sat on the train, nursing a coffee and a hangover. I had been staring out the window in the manner of someone trying really hard not to be sick in public. The train stopped. I stopped. People were alighting.

And yet the view from my window just kept on moving. And not just any old moving, but BACKWARDS!!! Blood alcohol level or motion aftereffect?

I googled it. Obviously. And I’m really glad I did, otherwise I would not have come across the legend that is Robert Krampf and his demonstration of the waterfall effect in this here video**

* I know, I know. Tardy blogging. This ain’t Reuters.
**All vision lecturers have big white beards. Fact.

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